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Shaping the future together 

The future starts today. Because it is best to shape it together, even more space is currently being created on our campus in Freiburg - for people and their ideas. Our Building 6 project is creating 10,000 m² and 400 new workplaces. Would you like to be part of it?

We think ahead

Our founder Rudolf Haufe set the standards with his innovative loose-leaf publications on law, economics and taxes. We have retained his pioneering spirit – even if our products look very different today. We are part of the change and as pioneers of digital transformation, we are shaping our own future. Always breaking new, unfamiliar ground: That's what we at Haufe Group are really good at.

We are together strong

Personal encounters strengthen our innovative power - we are convinced of this. That's why we are deliberately creating more space on our campus for collaborative work. Getting the best out of both worlds - digital and analog - that is our goal. And we are committed to achieving it.

We take responsibility

As a family business, we not only act in an entrepreneurial way, but also take responsibility. That's why sustainable, social and ecological factors are just as much the basis of our work. We put people at the center of our work and develop ourselves responsibly with a shared system of values.

The Haufe Group is a digital company. Nevertheless, it is clear to us that it is only through personal exchange that the creativity and dynamism that drive the Haufe Group forward as an innovation-driven company emerge. That's why it's important to us to start creating the space for working environments of the future today. There we can collaborate even better, we can develop and implement ideas together.

Birte Hackenjos
CEO Haufe Group


Curious about more?

Let's discover, shape and drive the working world of the future together! Become part of the Haufe Group and work with us on groundbreaking solutions. Whether you are an organizational talent, a programming professional or a creative mind - together we will make ideas fly. And we'll be happy if you find a position that has been waiting just for you.


Behind the scenes

A look into the future: This is how the new building 6 on the Haufe Group Campus in Freiburg should look like. A green roof terrace and a large, new auditorium are among the highlights.

The Haufe Group campus in the Haid industrial area in Freiburg. Building 6 (bottom left) is being prepared for dismantling and demolition. The solar system must be the first to give way and is relocated to an adjacent building.

This is followed by the gutting of the building - which provides exciting vacancy impressions.

The demolition begins: The existing building 6 at the intersection Munzinger Strasse / Bötzinger Strasse gives way to a new building structure.

In spring and summer 2021, excavators will shape the image of the Freiburg headquarters.

In the fall of 2021, the time has come: Freiburg's largest crane is set up on the site, time for construction to begin!


Frequently asked questions

Why is the Haufe Group Campus being expanded?

We are expanding our campus in Freiburg with a new building to deliberately create even more space for creative, collaborative work. Because at the Haufe Group, we are convinced that it is only through personal exchange that the creativity and dynamism that drive us forward as an innovation-driven company emerge. In this way, we are consciously investing in our future.

What is specifically being built?

We are adding a new five-story building with space for up to 400 people to our campus in Freiburg's Haid industrial park. Modern working environments are being created on an area of more than 10,000 m², offering space for personal exchange, creativity and collaborative work. The existing building at the intersection of Munzinger Strasse and Bötzinger Strasse will be demolished to make way for the new building.

When is the building scheduled for completion?

The construction work is expected to last until the beginning of 2023.

How is the Haufe Group organizing the construction site logistics?

Access to and from the construction site is located on Bötzinger Straße and Munzinger Straße. Our site has good connections to federal highways and the A5 highway. We keep the traffic load in the Haid industrial park as low as possible.

Will the expansion of the campus result in more employees working there in the future?

Currently, around 1,400 people work at the company's headquarters in Freiburg. We expect to continue to grow strongly in the future. Our new building in Freiburg will therefore also provide space for up to 400 office workplaces.

Why a new office building in times of mobile working?

The Haufe Group is a digital company. Mobile working is part of everyday life for us and will always be part of the Haufe Group culture. Nevertheless, we know that it is only in personal exchange that the creative energy arises that moves us forward as an innovation-driven company. Therefore, we are already creating the additional space for working worlds of the future with the expansion of our campus, in which we can work together even better and develop and implement ideas together. For us, new working environments do not mean "either-or", but "both-as well", in which there is the right place for every form of work: The mobile office for conceptual (or quiet) work, as well as suitable rooms on the Haufe Group Campus for exchange and networking on site.

What will the new working world look like in concrete terms?

Places for exchange will be central in our new building. In addition to office space, there will therefore be additional communication and event areas, meeting rooms and a large auditorium.

What role do environmental and sustainability aspects play in the new building?

Sustainability and environmental awareness are central parameters of our actions. We think of them accordingly in our construction project. Starting with the sustainable demolition of the previously existing building, to the proper disposal of construction waste, to the construction of the new building according to current energy efficiency and environmental standards. A photovoltaic system and charging stations for electric cars and e-bikes round off the sustainability concept of the new building.


Updates and Press releases
around the building


Haufe Group: Freiburg artist visualizes working world of the future

Street art by Tom Brane artistically picks up on megatrend "New Work" and invites applications / Several hundred additional jobs created


Haufe Group: Expansion of the Haufe Group campus in Freiburg creates space for further growth

Freiburg, February 24th, 2021 - The Haufe Group is expanding its campus with a new building with space for up to 400 people. By the end of 2022, modern working environments will be created at the company's headquarters in the Haid district on an area of more than 10,000 square meters, offering space for personal exchange, creativity and collaborative work. With the decision it has now made in favor of the new building, the family company is underlining its strong market position and its ambitions for further growth.

read more (german only)

German newspaper "Badische Zeitung": Expansion of the Haufe Group campus in Freiburg creates space for further growth

Despite the Corona crisis, the Haufe Group plans to expand its headquarters in Freiburg. By the end of 2022, a new building is to be constructed that will provide space for up to 400 new jobs.

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Haufe Group: Freiburger Künstler visualisiert Arbeitswelt der Zukunft

Streetart von Tom Brane greift Megatrend „New Work“ künstlerisch auf und lädt zu Bewerbungen ein / Mehrere hundert zusätzliche Stellen entstehen


Haufe Group: Erweiterung des Haufe Group-Campus in Freiburg schafft Platz für weiteres Wachstum

Freiburg, 24.02.2021 – Die Haufe Group erweitert ihren Campus um einen Neubau mit Platz für bis zu 400 Menschen. Bis Ende 2022 entstehen am Unternehmenssitz im Stadtteil Haid auf einer Fläche von mehr als 10.000 qm moderne Arbeitswelten, die Raum für persönlichen Austausch, Kreativität und kollaboratives Arbeiten bieten. Das Familienunternehmen unterstreicht mit der jetzt getroffenen Entscheidung für den Neubau seine starke Marktposition sowie seine Ambitionen für weiteres Wachstum.


Badische Zeitung: Haufe erweitert Standort in Freiburg mit Neubau

Trotz der Corona-Krise will die Haufe-Gruppe ihren Stammsitz Freiburg erweitern. Bis Jahresende 2022 soll ein Neubau errichtet werden, der Platz für bis zu 400 neue Arbeitsplätze bietet.



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